The Villa was terrific! The view (amazing), decor, bedrooms, baths and the general condition of the villa met our highest expectations. The location was a country/mountain setting about fifty miles south of Florence within 25 minutes from the wonderful small city of Arezzo. Nice jumping off point to Siena and the Chianti region too.We met the owner and her family. They were all helpful and greeted us warmly.
What could be done better, what didn’t you like? I cannot think of one thing. Nothing really. The only thing I would suggest is that you consider lowering the damage deposit. It was 30% which seems high. At the end of the stay we got the total deposit back anyway.
There are several small towns within a fifteen to twenty minute radius. Visit them. It is worth your while! Also make sure you visit Siena and Chianti both were highlghts of our vacation.
What did you like on our website ? I like that you segregated Villas by type. We were seeking a luxury villa so it made it easier to identify San Domenico. Also speaking with Thomas added great value. It asssured us we were making the right choices